i'm coveting

l: Nola Laptop Wrap in Tomato  r: Josephine in Fushia Tree Navy

I've always loved Amy Butler's fabrics and styling and sense of passion, combined with her love of colour and shapes and overall attitude.
I buy little pieces here and there, but really want her whole fabric collection. Just to have. I sew with it in small amounts, eeking it out so that it can last and last.
You know, trying to do the whole, not buying lots of new things and more fabrics and that sort of thing.

I've got her book, Midwest Modern. Which I love. Seeing sneaks into her life, and her home, and her inspiration. And the lovely natural easy way she writes, as if the book is her sitting and telling stories.

l: Josephine in Fushia Tree Navy r: Josephine in Fushia Tree Tomato

And now, I've just received an email (I'm on her mailing list), about her newest range of handbags and travel cases. And oh. oh. oh. That's pretty much all I can say. I don't know what got me about them. The colours, the shapes, the organic cotton, the practicality of them, the sweet little Amy swing tag.
Even though I sew, I don't often get to sew for myself, and often not spend time designing and making new things. So, even though I have quite a million bags one more special special special one wouldn't hurt, would it.

l: Muriel in Fushia Tree Tomato  r: Opal in Fushia Tree Navy

In truth, the last bag that I actually bought, as opposed to sewed for myself, was a Lulu bag, which do I love but is one of those covered in plastic style bags, so gets hot in Summer.
So, Sam, if you're reading this - this is what I want for Christmas. Only, I can't decide which one I like best. Some help please, do tell me your favourite colour, style. What would you choose? {Actually, there's two on this list that I wouldn't mind having - both very practical. Isn't that laptop bag so lovely. I'd feel very special showing up to meetings with my lappy in one of those!}.

l: Muriel in Fushia Tree navy  r: Opal in Fushia Tree Tomato

I'm not going to tell you my top ones, but am really keen to hear what you think you'd choose.

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