rolling and tumbling

Three things today ::
1 ~ I have started a tumbler page. Normally I collect all my pretty images in a folder on my desktop. Sometimes I look through them. Sometimes they just sit there and become an overloaded folder of things. So, in order to try and keep some order to one overflowing aspect of my life and my computer (golly my inbox is crazy). I'll be collecting things there, if you feel like having a look at some pretty images, mostly with no words. Click on images to go to where I found them.
2 ~ I am making a bag today, for the next door neighbour boy's birthday. We love having two boys next door who have become great friends. At our last house there weren't really any neighbour friends. The kids jump fences and play games together almost every day.
3 ~ We are going to roller derby tonight! Can I say that again..... We are going to ROLLER DERBY tonight. I never ever ever thought I would go and see something like this. A little while ago, Sam + I went to see the movie, Whip It, and it was heaps of fun. Then Sylv picked up a flyer and said did we want to go. So, we're going.
Sure there'll be an update about it. You never know, we may become Roller Derby fans and follow all their games all Summer long. You just never know these things, do you.
And, ummm, do you think Juliette Lewis will be there? She's my girl crush.