where i am..... where i've been

My sister reminded me the other day that I hadn't been here for a while.
I do have a whole lot of posts written for you, but none of them flowed the way I wanted.
Things have been busy and slow, and noisy and quiet. All at the same time - well next to each other times, anyway.

Our December markets are over. And we don't currently have any booked in for January. But, we do have a shop to focus on getting set up, and opened. And that's taking time, and thought process, and energy.
We had a little set-back with one place that we had our eye on, but that ended up being for the best {things often are, aren't they?}, and now we think we've found our perfect little shop. Just need to do all that paperwork and logistics aspect of it.

The kids have started kindy now. We've waited and waited. And now I have three days each week, where I drive them there and pick them up, and have many many many hours in between for doing things.....
You know, things.
Well, yes okay - actually work is the number one thing - sewing and designing and writing business plans and keeping on top of paperwork and that sort of stuff.
But other things too. Lovely things, like shoe shopping with my sister. Let me tell you, I am way over due for a new pair of shoes! But, of course, fussy me - I didn't find any. Sylve got some cute Simple sneakers on sale - but my size was sold out.
But these ones are super cute, and I think I'll search them out. I'm not sure if I like them in Ruby Wine or Ensign Blue.

We did find some beautiful new dresses, that we simply had to take home. Veronika Maine is an Australian designer, and most of her pieces are crafted right here in Aust. The blue dress I tried on made both Sylve + me almost jump up and down. It just felt so perfectly perfect when I slipped it on. Blue cotton. I will have to photograph it for you, as the folded pleated detailing is the most stunning of any I have seen. I really do love the tucks, pleats and folds that is a signature of Veronika Maine's style. A classic, yet almost deconstructed and asymmetrical. Pieces that know your body.

So, what else. What else.
I have been doing a lot of thinking. About the closing of this year, and freshness of next year. And writing lists, and goals and plans, and hopes and dreams.

And I've been spending lovely time jumping on the trampoline with my children. My two creatures who astound me every day. {Yes, yes, and annoy me too}. Today we made spiced cookies for their kindy teachers. In the morning we will pack them up into little bundles. And Ari will write a note to tie onto each one. In his strong, confident writing. And we will talk about their teachers, and their new friends at kindy.
And we'll talk about Christmas too. And count how many days to go.
It's pretty low-key here - the whole Christmas thing. But, I do remember the thrill and excitement and anticipation I had as a child. I remember one year that Santa brought us toothbrushes, and a little dolly - set out at the end of our bed. And how each year our parents would say that it was only going to be a small Christmas this year, that there wouldn't be many gifts.
And each year, there was a special new book to read or CD that we'd jump up to put on and listen to. And a new dress - beautiful dresses my parents always choose us. And something else. And it felt like so much to us. Not because of the plastic and the quantity. But because of the time spent in the choosing of a perfect gift, and the thought put into the wrapping. And then the tradition in our family of lingering over unwrapping our presents. All so artistically wrapped, and placed under our little tree - a bonsai, or potted fig tree from the garden. With our little handmade angels hanging from the ceiling.

I do hope to be here again soon. In the meantime, I thank you all for your friendship, words and encouragement over the past year. Happy and peaceful wishes for the New Year.