My head is stuffed up with too many emotional thoughts at the moment. I cannot quite get things into perspective. Hopefully a night of sleeping on it will put things back into a better peace. Or maybe I'll have to let go, and accept that some things are lost.
All is okay, don't worry. Just some more of those friendship things I've been feeling of late, come to a bit of head. Have to get over the hump of talking things out and see if we can still be friends. I hope so, but am not sure.

Other things are filling my head, squeezing things out of my eyes and ears. Giving me crazy headaches and hot heads. Ari tells me that I should just tell the headache to, well in his words "shoot itself away". He's quite into shooting things at the moment, only in words. He really doesn't have much idea what he's saying, but it gets reaction from us all!

This is Ari's daily to-do list. "clean house; play; visit grandma; robot machine music; aoolqaom ooimorinim ooaaiom" .
I wish I could take Lori's advice and increase my personal white space . Just not happening at the moment. This week particularly has been so busy with different things. Working more hours than usual (two days for me and two days for Sam), and a new small business course two days a week for me.
We did have a wonderful morning meeting some new friends at a lovely park. So so so good to meet someone and be able to chat and have so much in common, and your children get on well. A sweet little boy, with such lovely manners, who takes in so much around him and talks to us all. Ahhhh, I can see many many fun moments spent with this mama and little one. And also many mama only outings for us grown ups. Sounds fun, hey!

Talking about Mama only outings. I have been getting out a bit more without the kids dragging off me. Apart form working where I finish at 8pm, and then bus home to (hopefully) in bed kids, I went out for dinner with some friends last weekend. Just me and them. Glorious. I can't wait to do it again.

So, a few other things are: I have joined this little swap, on a newly discovered blog. Go and have a look, sure to be fun. Even though I have so much work to be doing over the next 2-3 months, this is something that I want to be part of. It's a kid focused swap - and I know my two little ones will love to receive something for themselves. They are always complaining that they don't get anything. And believe me, the junk mail catalogues aren't good enough for discerning Ari. Though Mishi is quite happy with them.

I am still trying to compose my New Year's thoughts/resolutions. Starting to think it won't quite happen, so not stressing too much. A few little things I'm wanting are to do some more writing. I found this the other day, while I was cleaning up some old papers. Written in my diary while I as on my backpacking trip on my own. So, I'll let you know when I add more writings to my other blog :: lines on a page.
I really like Jade's idea of authenticity. And Anna's word of change. Apart from stop-procrastination, I also would like to try and be more conscious, more in the moment. Not always planning and thinking the next thing. very hard for me, and this year especially when I know that I want to achieve so much professionally with Red Seed Studio, and personally especially working towards a new house.
What are your new year thoughts and resolutions and words??

I have some exciting news, but I'll leave that for a post all of it's own. It's the reason I have so much work ahead of me in the next many months.
Also, I have a giveaway planned, maybe this weekend or next week sometime. So check back.
Good night friends. Take care.