my journey in Peppermint Mag

The latest issue of Peppermint Mag has a little story on the journey I took, earlier this year, to New Zealand. 
I had the pleasure of writing about my amazing week-long workshop with India Flint, wandering in fields and forests. Sometimes when you experience something you are just there, and sometimes you have time to reflect about it. Sometimes you write about it. But very rarely do you get to publish it in such a beautiful magazine, where your own personal journey is as important as the inspiring artist you are spending time with.
I am especially proud of myself for not only having written the words, but also being able to produce some photographs that Kelley (Peppermint's founding editor) thought worthwhile to print. Little things like that just make me smile with pride - you know what I mean?

If you haven't heard of Peppermint yet, then where have you been living for the past year! Peppermint is first and foremost an eco fashion magazine, where the design and content and quality sit perfectly alongside the green and eco credentials. Where being green isn't enough - you also have to be pretty amazing at what you do.

I love that despite every single obstacle that has jumped in front of the Peppermint team, they have continued to stick to their ideals and not succumb to the easy way out. Often, when situations prove to be long, arduous, difficult, even sickness-inducing, most people slip on the original reasons they started something. They allow other things to take over, they go the easy way. And, really, I'm not saying this is at all bad. Sometimes that's the only option - it's a hard world out there for those of us trying to run our business, let alone in an ethical manner. 

All credit to Kelley for sticking to her green thinking in every way. Peppermint is the only magazine of it's kind - self published, water-less printing process, recycled paper, every single advertisement you find in the magazine is held to the same ideals and ethics as the articles. I so appreciate that when I read the magazine, I know that I can trust that every single page (articles + the absolutely necessary - in terms of actually making some sort of survival) to fit within the parameters of being eco, organic, fair trade, local, and/or ethically made. 

Every single part of Peppermint Mag is made with heart. From first to last page. From the many countless hours sourcing the best and greenest of fashion and beauty (and all the rest!),  to the dedicated weeks putting the artistic talent into the gem that Peppermint is, to the tireless days sending your little mag right to your hand.

These are just a few reasons I feel extremely privileged to be part of Peppermint, if only in such a small way.

Subscriptions to Peppermint start at only $44Au per year. What a small investment to spend on your green fashion future. Or you can buy individual issues over at Leeloo (including back issues), or ask your local newsagent.

And, if you think that you're not into fashion, well this mag is still for you. The in-depth articles are well researched and written - giving you info about sustainable fabrics and dyeing, organic yummies, art, music, homes, and many other beautiful toxic-free living. The photos and illustrations are beautiful, whimsical and simply lovely to look at.

Ms Peppermint :: she's one pretty crafty girl

The cover of the newest issue 0f Peppermint is a beautiful purply hue. It's such a nostalgic cover image, the whole feel. Very Wintry indeed.
I received my issue on Friday and wanted to devour the whole thing instantly. Instead I visited the Avid Reader Little Market, and then the Vintage Fair, and then chocolate mud cake and tea. All with Ms Peppermint herself.
I am slowly reading through the stories. Life is getting in the way!
I so love the handcrafted story, written by Tess Curran. She is the talented features writer for Peppermint - and such a sweet and lovely young woman. It's a must read for every-single one of you. About blogging and crafting and work-at-home-mums. (If you look very closely in the corner of this page, you'll notice that I made these little letters - it was such a fun project, and I feel proud to have been asked to help.)The fashion pages are beautiful. I may be a tad biased, but I do believe that the model on pages 32-39 is something a whole lot of gorgeous and especially beautiful. I showed a sneak peek here, but sorry you'll have to get the mag to see the rest. (okay, okay - just a couple more). There's a lovely little story on Justine of MixtapeZine and also the Kiwi World Sweet World.
As well as a crazy amount of anything else handcrafted, eco, local, realistic, interesting, current, fashionable.......Peppermint has the latest on all that you want to be reading. Printed on 100% recycled paper, with a waterless printing process, right here in Brisbane.
Check out the website, facebook or twitter. For you Brisbanites, we'll be selling Peppermint Issue 3 + subscriptions at our stall at the BrisStyle Indie Designer's Market. This Saturday. 9am - 2pm. St Augustine's Church, Racecourse Road, Hamilton. It will be at newsagents on Friday.

*photos from Peppermint facebook page, have a look here for more sneak peeks.

sneak peek

This beautiful beautiful photo is of my beautiful beautiful beautiful sister. It's from the photo shoot for the soon-to-be released issue 3 of Peppermint Mag.
I was at the photo shoot, and it was a really special day - women working together to create something quite spectacular. I forgot my camera, so no behind-the-scenes photos, sorry. But, to be honest, would have looked like a group of cute and trendy and friendly and fun gals hanging out together. (okay, I'm not the cute, trendy one - but the others were; I was the making the coffee and tea and food).
Photographs by Elisabeth Harvey. Oh, she has some amazing images to look at on her website. I especially like the ones of the lingerie with the slides over them; animals and insects.
And of course, doesn't she just look amazing. That's my sister there. It's all shot at her house too.

Please do check out issue 3 of Peppermint. I'll let you know when it's out, or you can subscribe over here and you'll have it posted right to your door - that sounds good hey. By subscribing to this magazine you are supporting a self-published, hand crafted, one woman (with a strong man and some supportive friends beside her), highly crafted and beautifully relevant magazine. I've spoken about Peppermint before, and just so you know, I'll be speaking about it again.
For many reasons: I've seen the love and energy and sheer utter everything put into this magazine; this is the magazine I've been wanting to read for so many years (so many years); this magazine is really just like you and me (no high-flying fashion editor, or over-botoxed beauty-editor, or above everyone else features writer); the fashion is timeless, not over before the season's out; the stories are important and relevant and necessary and tough yet written with a soft hand, and easy to read and riveting. The founding editor (have a look at her over here*, with Summer Rayne Oakes - who was cover girl for issue 2 and recently spoke so inspiringly at GreenFest) is one the most special hardworking dedicated tireless intelligent knowledgeable thoughtful caring sharing loving fun laughing true real people women mother I am lucky to know.

*sorry Kelley.

one more day left....

....of fun and crafty talk and inspiration and excitement. And choosing a new outfit to wear! And getting to hang out with Kelley and Ben, and Justine, and Fi and her daily helper, Bec (Fi has a lot of workshops).
Tomorrow is final day of the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show. I know that when the doors close I'll be relieved that I can have a day of rest. I also know that I'll be so sad that I won't be able to hang out with those fun fun fun people. It sort of feels like school camp - and I'm hanging with all the cool people.
I managed to take a few photos today. Not as many as I wanted, but got a few of our stall.
So, please come on down tomorrow. Pop in and say hi!
To the lovely person who came to say hello yesterday (or was it the day before... time has warped in my head); and I was at one of my workshops - I'm very sorry I missed you. Would have loved to meet you and have a little chat. Say hi, here, hey?!

Leah - I had so much fun with you today. Thank you so so so much for coming all the way up. Was so excellent to hang out and chat, and be sisters together. Hope you love all your new books, and get some sewing done with your fabrics. xxxx

I'll be buying some lovely fabric tomorrow - from here and here especially. And maybe check out the bookshop if I can squeeze into the stall (which was chock full today).

My tote bag workshop today was really great. All the lovely ladies were very creative, doing some beautiful stitching details, and inspiring colour selections. So so so great to see our fabrics and designs reworked with someone else's imagination. (though I didn't get photos again, due to general muddle-headedness).I'm going to bed now. Up early tomorrow morning, to get a little bit of sewing done before last show day. More photos soon.
Good night all xxx

Giveaway - Peppermint + Red Seed Studio

If you hurry you may be able to snatch up one of these little purses and some yummy Zuii Lip gloss. They are the giveaways for the fastest (the first 10 anyway) who buy Peppermint Mag, tomorrow morning at Mag Nation Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Hurry, sleep outside, line up!

I've mentioned Peppermint before. Read my mid-night written thoughts about it, if you want. Or just get off the computer and hurry down to pick it up from your nearest shop.
If you can't find it, then head on over to the website and order a subscription. 2 more days for the current subscription offer.

I'll tell you what. If you can't make it to Mag Nation - or you miss out. I'll make one more purse. When you subscribe through the Peppermint website, put a note to seller, and leave the code "petalplum-onemore". I'll post it anywhere in the world. And leave me a comment here, too.

Oh, the purses are hemp / organic cotton. It's beautiful and soft.Hand screen printed with our distinct smoke design on one side, and detail top stitched on the other side. Fully lined in reclaimed fabrics. New products for Red Seed Studio.
Photo Credit: Ms Peppermint / Mr Environmunter.

mint is the new green...

and we all know that green is the new black, don't we.
So - it's officially out now. Lucky little me got an early sneak peek, straight off the press (well, close enough, straight from the printer anyway).
Isn't that cover simply beautiful - fresh and striking and arty, illustrated by Bec Winnel. Hollywood glamour.
More than just a fashion magazine, Peppermint is the start of something new. Fresh green fashion. This is Australia's first eco-fashion magazine. And while the environmental, fair trade and organic aspects are equally as important as the fashion and beauty talk, they are not the over-riding notes. This is a strong fashion magazine in it's own right.
With a nostalgic photo shoot shot gloriously, magically in Thailand, and featuring one-off pieces. And then a moody powerful skatepark shot, sho wcasing terrific menswear (oh, and .... umm.... yeah - that's my man skating and modeling!) and bamboo skateboards.
And the hand-crafted, locally made (Aust + NZ) contenders are there too. Pages of lovingly created fashion and accessories. Peppermint is a grassroots style of mag, with the blogging, etsy and madeit scenes being well represented.
When you flip these pages in your hand, you can read guilt fr ee knowing it's 100% post-consumer recycled paper, printed with soy-based inks on a waterless printer! You also know that every page in there (articles and advertising alike) represent more than just the throw-away fashion we have come to know from regular magazines.
This is the magazine I have been waiting for - fulfilling my requirements of styled pages, of drool-worthy photo shoots, of further educating me about why it's so damn important to think about where your next new skirt or even your Easter eggs are really coming from.

Peppermint is out now. Check out the website for stockist details, or go and twitter with the Mint. Only a few more days to get in on that great subscription offer; only $35 (AU, within Australia) for a yearly subscription.
Also, the first ten people to buy the magazine from Mag Nation in Elizabeth St, Melbourne get a free Zuii organic lip gloss and a hemp / organic cotton purse from Red Seed Studio (mmm, uh...yes, that's me).

Sorry, too late (early :: 1am) to take photos, remind me tomorrow!

list of things

Time is squashed up, in my head I can't see or think. I've got tunnel vision, and things are slipping off the edges of my earth / viewpoint. I have lots to tell you, so I'm going to try and condense into short points.
:: I have (finally) randomly chosen two winners for my magazine giveaway. Anna and Elizabeth, please send me your address details. (ellieabeck AT hotmail DOT com). We'll see how long it takes me to get to the post office.
:: Recently I joined in with this children's giveaway, sort of as a stand against the CPSIA that has been threatening the livelihood of a lot of handcrafters and small businesses. I think things have sorted out, for the meantime at least there's a bit of relief in the emergency of the issue. My swap partner is Bean.I have until Tuesday to finish and post my item. I *think* I will get it finished tonight (okay... umm tomorrow), as all I have to do is iron and then top stitch the last little bit. Photos so far haven't proven to be too successful (hopefully tomorrow they'll work out better). It's a fairly biggish doll blanket / wrap thing. I knew straight away that I wouldn't be able to make a softie or anything similar that I'd be happy with. I'm really happy with the way this has turned out. Saccharine pinks and blues and lavenders, and very pretty, but hopefully something that will be loved for a long time.
I am also making one for Mishi's 2nd birthday, which is on Thursday. I just know that she'll love to have a special piece to wrap her babies, or picnic with them, or put them to bed.
:: A dear blogland friend has started a very special project called Craft Hope. The current project is to sew pillowcase dresses for some children who don't get to have pretty and handcrafted items in their lives. Children from the Pan de Vita shelter in Mexico.:: This is a small stack of the first cards I've been sewing for the Stitches & Craft Show (S&C). Many many many more cards are needed to be cut and sewn, and then enveloped and packaged before the month is up. This is just the start.:: This afternoon I really loved walking home from work, wearing my own skirt. Designed and sewn by me, in a rush on Christmas morning, a frantic stress that I wanted something new to wear. I had this fabric, which my sister found for me at the second hand shop - a structured cotton, but like an upholstery fabric in a way. Very textured and ornate. The first time I washed it to red ran onto the white, but upon the second wash it came out, and I soaked it in some pre-coloured water, which gave the white this glorious redish brown sheen.This morning I was complimented for my skirt by my friend - magazine editor and her husband/stylist/designer. We were at a fashion shoot for the next issue. I wasn't modelling or anything, but .... you know, like, well my husband was! A skate board shoot - with my man showing off his board tricks. I'll show you when the issue has been published. Bit exciting, hey. (Think it's about time I got myself a full length mirror, this photo is taken from up on Ari's top bunk bed).
:: I want to write a whole post about this, but will mention it here (in case I run out of *time* to do the whole big thing). It's been almost two weeks now since Mishi has had any mummy milk. Yes, that means she's been weaned. I think I would possibly be sadder if I wasn't so pleased to have that extra bit of sleep it brings (occassionally). At the same time she's finished with nappies - though we still have some accidents with bed wetting.
:: I haven't had much time to check out all my regular bloggy reads as often as I would love. So, if any of you notice anything you think I really need to know in blogland please do tell me.
:: At work today I made a really long and quite unrealistic list of what I need to achieve in the next two weeks, at least, for getting ready for S & C. Tomorrow I think I'll rewrite it, and actually add things like have a shower, play with my kids, do the shopping, cook some dinner, wash the dinners, take the kids to the park, return the overdue library books, say hello/goodbye to my husband (as he races off to work, or I race off to work), talk to my family, plan a birthday party, make a birthday cake (or two), sew a new birthday dress, drink my tea even if it is cold, blog...... Busy month ahead.Okay. That's enough for now, hey. Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this epic update (written on my very slow 10yr-old borrowed computer).

giveaway :: magazine

I bet you've been waiting and waiting for this giveaway.
My sister told me yesterday that she's been checking and waiting for me to update my blog, and that it's been over a week since I last wrote here! I know, I know. Life just got in the way.
So, without further rambling (I'm pretty good at that, aren't I), here is the little giveaway I have.
Two different prizes for two different people. And they're all about magazines and zines.First up:
The launch issue of Peppermint Magazine - Fresh, Green, Fashion. This is a locally Brisbane produced magazine all about eco fashion, and ethics in the fashion and homewares industries. This is a funky and fun read. Lots of fantastic snippets about Australian (and International) designers and crafters, linking you up to some great new loves for fashion, accessories and homewares. With a well written, easy to read and compelling article about the story of the cotton industry. And the fashion shoot is really sweet - a 'real woman' modelling some beautiful and quirky outfits. Issue #2 is in the works as I write (well, around the life of a toddler!!). Go and become a Peppermint Fan on facebook, to find out the latest info (though I'll let you know here as well). And, of course, printed on 100% recycled paper. What more could you want in a magazine?Two little zines that I bought off this great New Zealand site (similar to Etsy, but exchange rate so much nicer for us Aussies!) - Felt. It's called World Sweet World - how could you resist reading something with that title. Issue #2 and #3 in this little giveaway pack. These are full colour zines printed on paper from sustainably managed forests, using vegetable based inks. They are jam packed full of quirky NZ (and expat) designers, fun recycling projects (how to make a hoodie out of t-shirts, a hand bag out of some vinyl records), excellent reads about craftism and activism, even a story about eco-friendly coffins!
Second pack:
Includes the Peppermint Magazine along with the premier issue of Mix Tape Zine, which is now well into it's second year of production. This is a fun little Australian zine about craft and recycling and making and... well, you guessed it.... the environment. The cover alone is fun and so representative of what the zine is all about.
As you see, my magazines all have a few things in common.The zines I'm giving away as I am trying to declutter and really this is the best way of recycling. The two Peppermint Magazines are straight from the editor, and I wanted two of my lovely lovely readers to get to see this beautifully edited, refreshing magazine.

So, to enter all you need to do is leave a comment, telling me about your favourite magazine(s). I'll leave it open for maybe a week or so, to give you all a chance to enter.

And on the subject of magazines. I wanted to show you my newest one. - Stitch Magazine. The most I have ever ever ever paid for a tiny little magazine (due to the exchange rate and the postage rates this thing cost me $25AU!!!). But I have pored over each page many many times, and enjoyed it all so much. It includes patterns for three skirts - at least one of which I am hoping (hoping hoping) to make sometime this week. (I saw this one here, and it gave me more urge to make it). As well as directions to make many other crafty projects.
I'd seen this magazine all over blogland, and am so glad that I ignored the price as I have been really enjoying this. I hope they do another issue - this one is called "special issue", implying a one-off?
Lastly I want to thank all of you for your sweet, kind and generous words over the past week (about my friendship post). It means so much to me that you take the time to comment and give me love and friendship and strength. While I wish that I could reply to each comment, time is running away from me too quickly. I do always try and visit your blogs - and then I find wonderful inspiration and colours and life.

Thank you. Take care. xx