sneak peek

This beautiful beautiful photo is of my beautiful beautiful beautiful sister. It's from the photo shoot for the soon-to-be released issue 3 of Peppermint Mag.
I was at the photo shoot, and it was a really special day - women working together to create something quite spectacular. I forgot my camera, so no behind-the-scenes photos, sorry. But, to be honest, would have looked like a group of cute and trendy and friendly and fun gals hanging out together. (okay, I'm not the cute, trendy one - but the others were; I was the making the coffee and tea and food).
Photographs by Elisabeth Harvey. Oh, she has some amazing images to look at on her website. I especially like the ones of the lingerie with the slides over them; animals and insects.
And of course, doesn't she just look amazing. That's my sister there. It's all shot at her house too.

Please do check out issue 3 of Peppermint. I'll let you know when it's out, or you can subscribe over here and you'll have it posted right to your door - that sounds good hey. By subscribing to this magazine you are supporting a self-published, hand crafted, one woman (with a strong man and some supportive friends beside her), highly crafted and beautifully relevant magazine. I've spoken about Peppermint before, and just so you know, I'll be speaking about it again.
For many reasons: I've seen the love and energy and sheer utter everything put into this magazine; this is the magazine I've been wanting to read for so many years (so many years); this magazine is really just like you and me (no high-flying fashion editor, or over-botoxed beauty-editor, or above everyone else features writer); the fashion is timeless, not over before the season's out; the stories are important and relevant and necessary and tough yet written with a soft hand, and easy to read and riveting. The founding editor (have a look at her over here*, with Summer Rayne Oakes - who was cover girl for issue 2 and recently spoke so inspiringly at GreenFest) is one the most special hardworking dedicated tireless intelligent knowledgeable thoughtful caring sharing loving fun laughing true real people women mother I am lucky to know.

*sorry Kelley.