my journey in Peppermint Mag

The latest issue of Peppermint Mag has a little story on the journey I took, earlier this year, to New Zealand. 
I had the pleasure of writing about my amazing week-long workshop with India Flint, wandering in fields and forests. Sometimes when you experience something you are just there, and sometimes you have time to reflect about it. Sometimes you write about it. But very rarely do you get to publish it in such a beautiful magazine, where your own personal journey is as important as the inspiring artist you are spending time with.
I am especially proud of myself for not only having written the words, but also being able to produce some photographs that Kelley (Peppermint's founding editor) thought worthwhile to print. Little things like that just make me smile with pride - you know what I mean?

If you haven't heard of Peppermint yet, then where have you been living for the past year! Peppermint is first and foremost an eco fashion magazine, where the design and content and quality sit perfectly alongside the green and eco credentials. Where being green isn't enough - you also have to be pretty amazing at what you do.

I love that despite every single obstacle that has jumped in front of the Peppermint team, they have continued to stick to their ideals and not succumb to the easy way out. Often, when situations prove to be long, arduous, difficult, even sickness-inducing, most people slip on the original reasons they started something. They allow other things to take over, they go the easy way. And, really, I'm not saying this is at all bad. Sometimes that's the only option - it's a hard world out there for those of us trying to run our business, let alone in an ethical manner. 

All credit to Kelley for sticking to her green thinking in every way. Peppermint is the only magazine of it's kind - self published, water-less printing process, recycled paper, every single advertisement you find in the magazine is held to the same ideals and ethics as the articles. I so appreciate that when I read the magazine, I know that I can trust that every single page (articles + the absolutely necessary - in terms of actually making some sort of survival) to fit within the parameters of being eco, organic, fair trade, local, and/or ethically made. 

Every single part of Peppermint Mag is made with heart. From first to last page. From the many countless hours sourcing the best and greenest of fashion and beauty (and all the rest!),  to the dedicated weeks putting the artistic talent into the gem that Peppermint is, to the tireless days sending your little mag right to your hand.

These are just a few reasons I feel extremely privileged to be part of Peppermint, if only in such a small way.

Subscriptions to Peppermint start at only $44Au per year. What a small investment to spend on your green fashion future. Or you can buy individual issues over at Leeloo (including back issues), or ask your local newsagent.

And, if you think that you're not into fashion, well this mag is still for you. The in-depth articles are well researched and written - giving you info about sustainable fabrics and dyeing, organic yummies, art, music, homes, and many other beautiful toxic-free living. The photos and illustrations are beautiful, whimsical and simply lovely to look at.