BrisStyle Eco market tomorrow

Just popping in quickly to remind you all that the fabulous BrisStyle Indie Designer's Eco Market will be on tomorrow.
Everything there will be either organic, sustainable or refashioned, upcycled, vintage.... Whatever you want to call it, it's all ECO. 

I do wish that we were going to be having a stall there, as of course Red Seed Studio fits right in with the 'eco' market. Unfortunately I've been too busy being a mum, and dreaming of other {life} plans to have a stall this weekend. Next time around, for sure. 

Do go and visit. Peppermint Mag will be there. As well as 35 other stall holders, vegan sausage stand, coffee cart, music, Reverse Garbage, and a fun day out. I'm hoping to make it along - I always love the chance to be on the other side of the market stall and check all the wares out as a shopper. {Not to say that being "stuck" behind a market table isn't wonderful at such events where all the customers are friendly and lovely to chat to}.
I'm taking along my pocket money, as I've heard rumour Kim from KW Ceramics will be having a sale on her beautiful pieces. Would love to add a few more to my collection.

{I'll be back soon, I do promise, have just needed a short while away to clear my head - or sit in the small patches of sun with the little ones, and try to not go too crazy with wishful thinking over the what-ifs and would-bes of looking at new houses and land in the country to buy.... yet not quite finding our dream home yet}.