India in New Zealand

I have just booked a workshop with an amazing textile artist.
India Flint uses found, collected, 'windblown' leaves, flowers, natural colours to dye and manipulate fabric. Mainly using wool and silk, she produces pieces that just sing.
Well, they make my heart sing when I look at them. And my head jump with ideas, and thoughts, and new works.
To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about India Flint - not much more than gleamed from her website, blog and briefly looking through her book (which Sylve owns).
But those images are enough for me.
The workshop is in New Zealand, a place I have never visited, though have longed to see. I'll be spending almost a week on an organic farm, wandering the fields searching for leaves and pieces to make into natural dyes.
Almost a week, spending time with myself and others with similar interests. No kids. Just my own journalling and thoughts and ideas and notebooks. And of course the wild organic farm.

And, by coincidence, talking with my dad on the phone last night. He has just been spending time looking at India Flint's website, so he got all excited for me about the workshop {well, as excited as my dad gets}.

Now, I'm off to book flights and organise visiting my dear dear (old school) friend who has just moved back to NZ, from the UK, and who I haven't seen for about 6+ years.