Giveaway - Peppermint + Red Seed Studio

If you hurry you may be able to snatch up one of these little purses and some yummy Zuii Lip gloss. They are the giveaways for the fastest (the first 10 anyway) who buy Peppermint Mag, tomorrow morning at Mag Nation Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Hurry, sleep outside, line up!

I've mentioned Peppermint before. Read my mid-night written thoughts about it, if you want. Or just get off the computer and hurry down to pick it up from your nearest shop.
If you can't find it, then head on over to the website and order a subscription. 2 more days for the current subscription offer.

I'll tell you what. If you can't make it to Mag Nation - or you miss out. I'll make one more purse. When you subscribe through the Peppermint website, put a note to seller, and leave the code "petalplum-onemore". I'll post it anywhere in the world. And leave me a comment here, too.

Oh, the purses are hemp / organic cotton. It's beautiful and soft.Hand screen printed with our distinct smoke design on one side, and detail top stitched on the other side. Fully lined in reclaimed fabrics. New products for Red Seed Studio.
Photo Credit: Ms Peppermint / Mr Environmunter.