in other news

I've been mentioning it here in little snippets, but it's all official now (well, it was last Friday - but been a bit busy since then doing other stuff). So, we have SOLD our house. In less than a week, how amazing is that. We had the first open for inspection on a Saturday, and an offer in on the Thursday night.
A lovely young(ish - you compared to old 35-yr Sam and 31-yr me!!) couple, who have lots of ideas (and the funds) to do this old (at least 70+ yrs old) house some justice. We already told them that we'd come and check it out in a year or so.
So, we have to be out of here in about 7 or 8 days. Have we started packing. As if, no way! Why would we want to start doing something like so early. We want to do that at the last minute, hey. We did already pack up half our stuff and move it to a storage place (to make the house look less "cluttered" for open inspections). But, we still do have a lot a lot a lot of stuff. We've been living here for about 7 or so years (more, can't remember now), and have the accumulated junk that comes with not moving too often.
In our new house I will have my own little sewing studio. I'm calling it a studio, rather than a sewing room - sounds much more fun. It is little, but I think it has lots of good light. I'm dreaming about it. Oh, the possibilities. The excitement.
Currently I have my sewing table in the corner of our living room. And it's simply not enough for me to have my thinking space and creative space and try and run a business in as well. So, good things ahead.
Please help me out with dreams for my new studio. I'd love thoughts and ideas on what works for you in a smallish space, for multi crafting, and to accommodate kids, and a guest bed. I'd love links to inspirational photos. So, if you have a great room yourself, or have been dreaming similar dreams of your own room, please speak up.
I took these photos the other day, when the kids + I had lunch in the backyard. Despite all my wishings it was different, this house has been good to us. And I know how lucky we have been.

For those of you in Brisbane, make sure you get to the Portside Boutique markets on Sunday. Peppermint will be there, selling issue 3 and subscriptions. As well as many of the beautiful BrisStylettes with their wares. At last I'll be able to look around and see it all, being on the other side of the market table will be nice. Oh, and did I mention there'll be a coffee + chocolate festival too.