I'm sure you're all hanging on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about my market weekend marathon.BrisStyle Indie Designer's Market, on Saturday, was so so lovely. What a glorious, friendly, smiley and talented group of women. The weather was almost perfect (bit too windy and standing in the sun all day took it out of me). The customers started before we'd even properly set up our stalls and continued until just after lunch time - when we were allowed to pack up and go home.The location was so perfect - the grassy grounds of a church, and inside their hall. We missed a bride, but did see the groom and best man as well as some well dressed guests.Unfortunately I didn't get around to see all the stalls. I did take one extended (chatting along the way) toilet break, but apart from that missed out on the great set ups and amazing crafts and wares that were on offer.Check over at the BrisStyle blog to see all the other Stylettes, and read a great little round up of the whole glorious day. Also, thanks to the ever-smiley and beautiful Steph Bond for taking a photo of our skateboard buttons before they all sold out. You heard it - Sam had to rush home and make more for the Southbank YDM, for Sunday. Still didn't get to see her little one - fast asleep in the pram.The biggest thanks must go to the amazing women - Helen, Sophie, Chris, Bel, Ali, Robyn, Bec & Rebecca - who put so much into getting it all organised and together. For working tirelessly, during your "normal" jobs, your own crafting and parenting and general life. For putting the word out there, getting promo spots all over the place. And for having all sorts of customers come along and support the handcrafted movement.Kelley and I had a fun, exciting day - meeting people, and smiling and saying hello (many faces I know, but not always able to put names to! Please forgive me if I didn't remember you....).
Southbank Market wasn't quite as sunny or warm. But I did get to spend the day with Katy, from whatkatydid. I met her at Brown Owls, where we chatted over granny squares. And when I put out the call for help, she offered. We chatted all day (seeing as how there were basically no customers... poohy) about all sorts of things. Katy is so much more mature than her years (ok, I don't know how old she actually is - but she looks like a "spring chicken" to me. like I'm some old-fogie). She's one of those people that tries all sorts of things and has skills and talents in so many different crafts and arts. Check out her new machine - can't wait to see that and have a play with it. Thank you so so so so much Katy for spending your day with me, and helping. It was fun and I learnt so much from you. Can't wait to catch up again.
Also, she wore her world's coolest skirt. I forgot to take photos. I think we were chatting too much!
********** I'm sorry about the quality of my photos. Not sure what's wrong with them, hope my camera isn't starting to do cheeky things.