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If I know it, then surely you already know (I'm late to the party in these aspects!!). Google reader is closing really soon. Honestly, don't ask me what all that means. I'm one of those people (few people??) who like to head on over to the blog home page to read your blog. I don't read in readers, I don't get your newest blog post emailed to me. I visit my favourite blogs when I can, and check in on them directly at their web address. 
I know I'm in the minority, and that most of you read in some other way. How? I'm curious - right now, how are you reading this blog? 

Anyway. What I've discovered, after a bit of web searching (cause even though I don't use a blog reader, I do know a thing or two about web searches!), I found that the new reader I like best is Bloglovin'. It is much prettier than google reader, and after more reading I found that when you read from there it counts as a web hit to the blog. I like that. Makes me happier to know there's people reading here.

So. Here's me saying :: go and follow my blog on Bloglovin'! Are you there, let me know so I can follow you. Who knows maybe I'll even start reading blogs over there one day. 

Instead of me working out how to tell you how to import your blogs from Google Reader, I found this excellent tutorial that tells you. So go read it here, if you want.

Happy New week friends. Here's hoping it's creatively beautiful for you, with lots of time for tea and crochet and........ 
E xxx
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