then it slipped {Winter}

+ It's Winter now. It slipped in silently, quietly on a mostly sunny and beautiful day. I was inside for most of the day-time of the day, except for the early morning and the late afternoon. Thank goodness for the beautiful view, and spectacular sunset from the Gallery Verandah.

+ The market is done and over, for now, until the next one in December. It feels good to be done. It was a good market, so wonderful to connect and share and meet new friends, and spend time with 'old' friends. Yes a day of gathering, sharing, connecting. Ideas, laughter, giving.

+ My mind, and the things that I thought were organised are tumbling around. In wonderful ways. Reforming to join or make new thoughts. New plans. Slipping and spinning.

+ A simple understanding. A moment of being. Trying to make that moment be the moment. Slowly slowly learning bit by teeny tiny bit to slip into that habit.

Things that are good:
+ This image and the matching words seen on foxslane instagram. Speaks to be so strongly. Ah - family gathered around a campfire, sipping on warm drinks, sharing in stories and laughter and hopes and dreams.
+ Wanting to re-read Motherless Daughters and Motherless Mothers. Must find them in my boxes of books packed away.
+ Wearing those spotty red tights, that I won (from Kate last Winter). So fun with my boots.

*these images, like this blog post, were from a few weeks ago. Sitting and waiting both to be shared with you here.