stones, pebbles, rocks

I have been working, slowly around everyday life, on a small collection of one-off stones/pebbles/rocks. It makes me so joyfully happy to use some thread and a hook, and make these sweet little covers for rocks collected at our nearby beaches. 

I am working (ever so slowly) on a new website. And hope to have these pieces available for sale within the week. {Eeek - it's already Thursday. Shall we aim for the end of the week perhaps....?!}. 

Do these speak to you? 
Do you have any stones/pebbles/rocks that need covering?
Or perhaps an empty window ledge that needs one of these little ones?

Happy Thursday my friends. Today is a good day for I am spending it with people who make me feel excited and inspired and loved and appreciated; friends and dear family. 

Enjoy your day, 
E xxx