I made this! {linen & metallic}

I made this little soft sculptural crochet bowl. It's the most beautiful waxy linen thread, and I stitched metallic yarn thread through it as I was working, as well as some other scraps of yarns and off-cuts of threads. 
It feels just perfect in my hands. And is holding my crochet stones and bits and pieces. 

Now I want crochet baskets / bowls everywhere, for everything. {well, except maybe not for my breakfast eating}. 
I need to work out how to make them firmer, sit straighter and not so floppy and soft. Of course, that's all to do with the materials I make it with. So - explorations into what I crochet with coming over the next few weeks. 

I am on a search for copper yarn that I can stitch with. Something that's not too thick and heavy, but also not too fine. A jeweller's wire perhaps? This thread (above) is good to work with something else, but isn't copper wire or anything. But it does give the most satisfying shimmer and sparkle to the natural linen texture. 

What are you working on lately? 
What's making you happy this week?
Would you be interested in a tutorial for this little crochet bowl? 

Enjoy your week my friends, 
E xxx