scraps from the week

I am feeling slow, again.
Not much happening around here. I have wanted to do work on the stitching that I started last week (? the week before? days are slipping away). I was allowed to leave my stitching on the table for about a day, then the kids took over and my things were shoved to one side until I packed them up. I am hoping to have some time during the school holidays (only 2 more days of school to go), when Sam takes the kids to Brisbane and I stay here. We'll see.

You may have seen some of these images before, if you've been following me on Instagram or flickr - I'm enjoying the instantness of Instagram (hence the name, of course), and it being already up on screen and online with just a few clicks. And being so close to other people, through their photos has been lovely too. It's a different way of expressing yourself than through a blog. Short little snippets.

I hope you are all enjoying your moments and days. I am still trying to learn how to have patience with things here, and the slowness of our days (and not building, and not having power for sewing machines or much computer time - I generally charge my laptop at my dads and only have as much time until the battery runs out). My ideas and want for a house and a space to work in are jumping out of my head and my heart, and I am hoping and wishing, and living in the future - in a dream at times. One day it will be the now. For now..... I must content with now.

I am working on a new project. Something that doesn't take space in our small house. Something that I can do with my mind and to extend my creativity that seems to be pushing to do things at the moment. You'll have to wait for a while. It's a slow project. Would you expect anymore else from me, at this time of my slow living.

my mind has turned into a slow numb. No wonder I am enjoying driving along the country roads, with a teeny bit of speed under my wheels and some music in my ears - something different to the slow.