texture & colour

A small collection of some photos. making me happy at this moment {Sunday evening, 10.40pm. The whole house asleep, Ari in his bed, Mishi in our bed, Sam on the couch, Lou (the cat) beside me on the floor in front of the fire. Something or other on the radio in my background mind}.
One week left until school holidays. I am hoping that I'll get something (some work, sewing sewing sewing) done during this week and will have time during the holidays while Sam + the kids are away (visiting Grandma in Brisbane) for some more of my own work.
It is a busy last week of school term, with a dress up day for Story Dogs, an end of term party, parent-teacher meetings, and the endless last minute things I'll need to finalise for preschool.
During this time, Sam and I optimistically stupidly hope to dig and plan and start the construction of our composting toilet. Don't hold your breath about that getting done this week!

Wishing you happy moments, enjoying the colours, textures and shapes within your daily landscapes. xx
PS - if you are following me on Instrgr.am then you'll have seen some of these images before. Are you on Instagr.am too?