i am tired.
ari woke me at 4.30am. it was so light outside (Summer is here, afterall), that i thought it was closer to 6am. but it wasn't.
he climbed into bed beside me. and sniffled and wiggled for an hour or so. got up and down. and out and in. and snuggled up to me. with his warm little body.
at 6am the alarm went off.
we all got up.
sam made coffee. which we sat and drank, in the front room.

mishi got up some time later, while i was washing the dishes from the night before.

i am tired. off to bed now. to sleep. tomorrow is another big day of things to do. things to plan and think about. school lunch to make. washing to do (and hopefully no rain so it can dry). an end of school afternoon event to make food for (one week left of prep - can you believe that!!!).

{these are taken on my computer camera. no lights in this room. except the glow of the computer.}