from the quiet

Just a few photos I took when Sam + I were down at the land, on the weekend. Sitting quietly at the creek, listening to the water tumbling and the cicadas calling. We had the most relaxing and quiet time; no kids, no worries, no thoughts but what meandered through our minds and sometimes came out as words, sometimes didn't need to be spoken at all.

We scrubbed and cleaned and swept and mopped. Years of spider webs, and dust in the little bush house. All gone now. {Except that the bush has a way of creeping back in when you're not there for even one night, let alone all the days we have to be back in Brisbane planning our move}.

We walked along the road, for at least an hour. Just ourselves to talk to. No one demanding to be picked up, or that they were tired or hungry or any number of other things that those little kids of ours often proclaim. 

We skipped across creeks; stepping on stones so as not to get our shoes wet. We stopped and watched little birds playing in the grasses and trees. We saw dragonflies flit and dash around the water.

We chatted about how we imagine our new home. Talked practical things like solar power, hot water systems, water tanks and pumping water from the creek. Planned our studio - how big, and where, and what things we really want + need to have. 

Our little dreams. Slowly creeping forward and being realised.......
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