new spaces

We have visitors staying at our home, for a few days.
Some very good friends from Cairns, who will be moving back to Japan (via a white + cold Christmas in Canada).

They are staying in our sun room.guest space.
As I can't be separated from my dear little computer (mainly you my little blog + email) I have moved myself out of the office space and set up in the front room.
It's nice having a new space to be in. With no piles of (unpaid) bills and bits and pieces of stuff piled up beside me {like on my proper desk}.
The mirror behind is a little distracting. I am not so used to looking at myself, or having to ignore looking at myself. But perhaps it's not a bad thing to do for a few days. I did take these photos last night, as I could see myself in the mirror from the glow of the computer screen.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my new little space that I'll be occupying for the next few days. Well, for moments over the next few days anyway. There's a bbq to organise, and a market to pack the car for, and a workshop to present {I'm excited as I'll have a good friend there, who I haven't seen for a while}.

I do quite like this little set-up. I enjoy being able to rearrange my house as I like, each day or week. Sam is used to coming home from work and finding things have been moved around. A whole room rearranged in one day. Isn't that fun to do.

Without the computer, this table in our front room looks slightly glamourous. I've been enjoying coming in and seeing it with tidy surfaces and spot to sit and read.