Saviours of the Lost Arts

Saviours of the Lost Arts is an initiative of Brisbane City Council which will provide lovers of craft, senior residents, young and emerging craft workers and professional artisans the opportunity to showcase and share their arts and crafts.....

This is a fantastic workshop series being presented in Brisbane City, and some outer suburbs. There are 'make and take', demonstrations and presentations by all sort of wonderful, crafty, experienced, talented people. It's about learning a new skill, remembering an old craft; taught by hands with a wealth of experience, learning from other like-minded creatives. 

How wonderful does this sound? The creative guilds of Brisbane sitting down and showing and sharing and teaching. Combined with the newer, younger crafting movement.

I just love the name. I feel that there is indeed a revival of lost arts happening around the world. This is something that people have talked about often, that I've read on blogs, magazines, books, chatted with people about....

There are so many skills that I wish I knew, could remember; some skills are being lost in our fast paced, ever changing world. Thankfully some are being saved, passed down to a new generation. Sometimes in the most unlikely circumstances, but happening none-the-less. 

You know the best part about this 2 week workshop event is that it's all free. A whole 2 weeks of learning to weave, spin, crochet, bead making, origami, felting.... right up to chats about online crafting arena, finishing up some UFO* and stencil and screen printing. 

Yup - you read it right. Stencil and screen printing with Sam + me! Are you excited or what. We'll be teaching how to stencil print onto a linen tea towel or hemp tote bag, using your own hand cut stencils (or ours if you aren't feeling too creative on the day!).

To tell you the truth, I don't even know if there are actually any spots left at any of these workshops, as being free I'm sure they were all snatched up on day one. But, just try your luck and head on over to the Bleeding Heart website to find out all the info you need. 

*(un-finished objects - those half started items lurking at the bottom of your craft basket)