things on a friday

it's raining here. 
don't know what time, during the night, it started. 
but it does seem to be set in for the day, at least. 
we're going away early tomorrow morning for our holiday/weekend away. i hope it doesn't rain all weekend at our lovely creek-side holiday home.

i have the last of some things to wash before i pack them. s
uppose i'll have to visit the laudromat to use the dryer. or even perhaps my in-laws - who always love the kids visiting anyway, so a good reason to go and see them.

we're only going away for 3 sleeps, but it feels like so much more. 

a lot is riding on this time away. 
we are going to decide if this is a good place for us to find a new home in, to perhaps.possibly.just.maybe start our new business in.

beautiful rainy lighting - the little one likes any excuse for some summer clothes during the cold of winter. she shed her morning warms, for this outfit, and ran around in the wet garden. can you feel the goosebumps....
getting her back in the warms is going to be a challenge today! 
but, of course, she does look sweet in this little outfit. 
actually, any outfit she slips into looks good - stripes, spots, red + purple, layers over layers. 
she does have a good sense of style. 
she's a fairy in the garden. that's what she told me.