the night-dress

So, of the whole week's challenge, I guess I was the only one to slip after day two. {Remember day one was where I didn't actually do any sewing; tidied the room up instead - which really means shuffling fabric from pile to pile}.
I just realised that I haven't even shown you the completed night dress. The one and only item of clothing made during the whole challenge week. Oh well, I suppose one is better than none. More than I thought would end up happening. 
Of course, being called a night dress doesn't mean she actually wears it as a night dress. She currently has it on right now, in the middle of the day. At least she's wearing it. She often puts it on after her night time shower, but takes it off before she hops into bed. 

Anyway, here it is. Being modeled in all it's glory. Night time photos, sorry about lighting. But lovely enough anyway. 

Notes on the sewing and pattern:: I do really like this dress. It's a bit big for her, I used the size 100cm (she measures at 96cm, so I guess those 4cm do make a big difference). But it's the style of dress that doesn't matter if it's too big. Very easy for her to slip on - forwards, backwards, doesn't matter. 
I really like the neckline features - little pintucks at the front, with contrast bias binding. And an elasticated neckline around the back. The sleeves are a great length (maybe not for real Winter warmth, but would be perfect for a Spring / Summer dress) and shape. 
And for someone scared of learning how to properly inset sleeves - these ones are so easy to sew in. 
Even though the pattern is written entirely in Japanese, it really is super easy to follow.
I'll be making some more of these, for sure. I think next time I'll put a scrunch on elastic across the back section, to pull it slightly in at the waist. Or even narrow out the dress so it's not as roomy.
*She had just washed her hair - still drying. And for some reason started laughing crazily, happily. And the kids all posed for me, without any silly faces.