Fabric SALE

Just wanted to let you know that I've finally sorted out the left over fabrics from Selvedge House. {for those of you who don't know what I'm on about, read this bit of news}.

If any of you are interested in getting some beautiful Australian designer fabric, let me know. I have started listing some on my Etsy store, but will take me a while to get it all up. In the meantime I thought I'd let you know what I have on offer.

Ink & Spindle - linen / cotton
It's mostly all fat 1/4s  - approx 45cm X 45cm (though really closer to 50cm x 50cm).
~ Wrens :: Charcoal on natural :: Charcoal on black
~ Acacia Charcoal on natural
~ Lace Fans Charcoal on black linen
~ Sumor :: Charcoal on black linen :: Charcoal on natural
~ Chalk Orange on white
~ Bloem :: Charcoal on natural :: Red on natural
~ Rooftops :: Charcoal on natural :: Snow on natural

Pippijoe - hemp + linen fabrics 
~ Pebbles red on white hemp / cotton {really beautiful texture} (45 cm x 50cm)
~ Buds red on natural hemp {thick weight, with an open weave} (50cm x 39cm)
~ Laundry Birds Black on white linen / cotton (45cm x 50cm)
~ Waterhen black on natural hemp (37cm x 50cm)

Danielle Stewart Designs
~ Protea green or aqua on natural linen / cotton (45cm x 60cm panel print, so has extra border unprinted)
~Poppies red on natural linen / cotton (same size as above)
All these fabrics retail for between $15 - $25AU (depending on size or fabric). I'm selling them all for only $10AU each. Some I have only 1 -2 left, others I have more than that, so please just ask me.
If you want any extra info or more photos, please contact me {redseedstudio AT gmail DOT com}. I can make a custom listing on Etsy, or just send you a PayPal invoice.

I'll work postage out for you, and get the best deal possible through Aust Post - can ship anywhere across the globe or city.