sweet comments

All you bloggers out there know that one of the very best best bestest things about having a blog is meeting other amazing, friendly, interesting, lovely, creative, talented and sweet bloggers. Online friends are surely one of the best things around - being able to have a real and true relationship with someone who you have never met (in person), have never heard talk, and probably never will. Somehow this does not limit the friendship in any way. And we all appreciate that if we don't communicate or comment or email every second day, it doesn't mean we don't like you any more. 
Another lovely thing about having a blog is the super cute and sweet and meaningful and thoughtful comments you get emailed to you. Isn't it so nice having just a special little comment. And sweet smile; like a flower tucked under your front door while you're out for the day.
I just got such a comment. Oh, and it really made me smile. 
uhmmm excuse me,
but i just thought i'd do a drive by and tell you...

that i think your blog is great :)
x x

A new comment also means that I now have another beautiful new blog to look at, and feel inspired by. And she lives in Brisbane, so we may well run into each other one day........
Visit Lauren's website, blog and shop.  And I think she'll be at the Southbank Young Designer's Market this coming {Easter} Sunday, if you're about.

*all images from laurencarneyart, used with thanks.