eat :: this post is brought to you by burnt eschallots

Dinner tonight was a simple affair of market tomatoes. A delicious combination of green, black, bright red and yellow heirloom varieties. Slowly simmered until nicely thick and rich, then add some bok choy and snap peas. Just right for spooning over fettuchini and serving with fresh ricotta.
I cannot wait until we have our own house and garden and space to grow enough tomatoes, basil and beautiful simple foods to feed us each and every day. Soon, I'm hoping (if I keep whispering in Sam's ear, and showing him lovely houses to live in at the country).
Luckily the eschallots, that burnt while I was taking these photos, didn't overpower the sauce. In fact there was not one complaint. Well, okay - the two smallest* kids didn't care too much for the snap peas, and pushed them to the side. But the thinly sliced bok choy slipped sneakily past their fussy lips.

These over-ripe figs will serve as dessert. A perfect combination with the rich dense chocolate brownie we have sitting in the fridge, in one of those special white boxes from a bakery. {Sylv's new boyfriend works for an organic bakery; he does the market stall three times a week. Any left over cakes are his to bring home, and he doesn't mind sharing the deliciousness with us. They even have dessert parties after market day, once a week.}

*my nephew is visiting. he's the oldest, and will eat most anything. by most accounts he is my child, rather than only my nephew. i love living in, being part of a family, where all the cousins are like siblings - where my sisters + brother trust me totally and wholly with their children.