pink fairy bunny

Mishi had her Easter hat parade at kindy today. 
Wasn't a very big affair, but fun, and sweet. And noisy.
I only found out yesterday that we parents had to actually make the hats and bring them in. {At school, Ari has spent all week making his hat, and telling us about it. I guess I just assumed that they'd be making them at kindy too}.
So, while at the fabric shop with my friend, I found some lovely wool felt and after much brain squeezing formulated a design in my head. 
Note to self :: have plans and exact ideas and required fabrics before visiting the bright lights and brain numbing fabric shop again.

I sat up late last night hand sewing these little ears. I knew that I couldn't put them onto a headband or clips or anything, as Mishi doesn't like things in her hair or tight on her head. But I know that she likes soft little fabric crowns as we've made quite a few in the past that she happily wears. 
It was really enjoyable to plan and make something so distinctly stereotypical. Pink bunny ears for a little girl who does quite like pink.
These were very easy to make. I'll be making another pair tonight for Ari, in a pretty wheaten-brown + pale pink colour. We've already decided that he'll be called Little Nut-Brown, and Mishi is to be called Baby Pink. Or something like that. I'm sure it'll change.

She was the sweetest little fairy bunny, hopping along happily.
This full length mirror is in the lift at kindy. I love the way every morning she looks at herself - in the way that children do with total comfort and contentedness. She twists and turns, and watches how her body moves. Sometimes she'll look up at me, and catch my eye in the mirror - but mostly, she just enjoys looking at herself.