the seeds of HOPE

Have you been over to the wonderful Craft Hope Etsy shop?
I just had a little look around, and found - lo-and-behold - this calendar, that I mentioned loving, way back here. So, even though I already have a little calendar that I'm enjoying looking at. I figure I can get just one more.
Do have a look at the Craft Hope shop - you may just find something there that takes your fancy. All funds go directly to Doctors Without Borders, who are working so hard in Haiti.

The amazing crafting community has so far raised over $20,000 for Doctors Without Borders, through Craft Hope. I think that is an astounding example of how just one single person can make a difference in this giant world we live in. How even though we live in this giant world, and are separated by seas and mountains, we are all of the same heart and mind.

A quote I've always loved is:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful 
people could change the world. 
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." 
Margaret Mead. 

This, also by Mead, is very fitting:
"I must admit that I personally measure success
in terms of the contributions an individual 
makes to her or his fellow human beings."

*image from the Craft Hope site, used with thanks.