51 versions of me #3

Straight up I'm going to admit that this photo was taken yesterday {Thursday}, because I was all dressed up, I had a few spare quarters of moments to stand still, and Sam was there to take the photo of me. Which means a whole me, rather than just bits from stretching my arm out as far as I can to make the camera far away as possible. (Perhaps I should read the instructions on how to do the timer thing).

We went to see Angelina Ballerina at the Playhouse. The English National Ballet. It was for kids, still was quite a lovely show to see. Mishi was mesmerised. She + Ari thought that the mice were real mice, just really big. In fact, as big as real people. But mice all the same. Mishi loved the costumes - those pretty pink sparkly tutus. I'm sure all the other girls in the audience loved them too.
You should have seen all the pink tutus all those little audience girls were wearing. It was a almost a sea of pink tulle in all different hues of baby girl pink.
I made a special skirt for Mishi, which I'll have to blog about another time. As this is Versions of Me, and not versions of my daughter.

So - these photo:
This is my Veronika Maine skirt. I love the print on this, and the waist band - those pleats that don't add bulk but add detail and texture. I don't normally ever wear my shirt tucked in (always feel so self conscious), but I feel this skirt deserves to be shown off. Sam said it looked good - and I trust him, because he'll tell me lovingly and honestly if my bum looks fat in something. {Come on, let's all be honest, as much as it hurts us to have our loved ones tell us that, wouldn't we prefer to go out looking our best, if something looked better on us than what we'd chosen?}.
And my new shoes. Finally finally finally, some new shoes. I actually bought two pairs (a red pair as well, YAH!). I never find shoes that I like, so finding two at the same time was fantastic. And the service in the shop was wonderful and friendly and helpful. And local. Always a bonus.
Jewellery all by Sam, of course! A new design of necklace that he came up with for his mum for Christmas (I got the prototype). When he has a moment to spare, and isn't taking the kids skateboarding or cleaning up the house, I'm sure he'll get some more made.
I think I like the first photo best. I can see the things I don't like about my body. But, I'm not going to talk about them now. You won't see them. That's the way life is - we only see our bad parts, other people don't.
I'm going to only start looking for the good parts. To appreciate the good parts.
So - the parts I like best right now are my sense of style. The way I dress. I think I am finally of an age where I feel like I know what looks good on me (mostly, some days not so much). And I also appreciate wearing beautiful clothes, and understanding the difference between quality and cut and different fabrics. I like that about me.
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