Right now I'm drawing in all the richness around me.
I'm so enjoying having my tumblr page - to collect things I find online. If you don't have one, it really is a wonderful way to keep track of all those things that pass by your eyes each day (when online). I've just changed the template, and look at the beautiful mosaic it formed.

There's been some big changes here, which I'll talk about at another time.

At the moment - new designs are forming in my head. The journeys I go on during my day - inside the house, outside the house, on the phone, in my head, in my conversations, in my memories - are all merging and combining and joining and making making making......
It feels good to have some new works and designs and ideas happening. To have the creative forces running again, to be open to them, to have them spilling out.
But at the moment, I'm gathering and just jotting down thoughts and images and ideas. And then, soon I'll start the drawing and painting and making.

I'll show you some more inspiration soon. The drawings my children hand me hourly are simply simply simply just so right. I keep wanting to turn them all into designs, and screen prints. So, now I must take their eyes and hands and let them guide me to understand my own eyes and hands.

Take care. E xxx