51 versions of me :: #2

Today I am:
a tired mother.
who left her son, crying, at kindy. and felt terrrible. and sad. and drove home lonely without chattering of children in the car.
yet knows that her son, indeed both children, are perfectly fine at kindy and will be fine at school in just a few short weeks.
a mother who played blocks with her son, stacking up the wooden pieces and adding the stained-glass coloured pieces. to make an airport. and looked through the colours to a different world.
a wife who dropped her husband in the city, early this morning. dropped him off for a weekend away, a working weekend {full of fun skateboard demos and things like that}.

a quiet woman.
in a messy house.
who wants to ponder all day
with the grey clouds
and the still air
and the subdued street noises.

a person who must get on with things
to make them tick over
to make them easier
and not prolong the inevitable
(like the washing or the washing up or the cleaning of the play room for the 20 billionth time).

i am an artist enjoying the possibilities of the day
of tomorrow.
of planning watercolour painting with my children.

today i am
yet content in the stillness
at ease.

{PS - thank you all for your kind words about my new hair colour. how lovely to have sweet friends to notice and comment. yes - i have dyed my hair, it's much darker than i planned, but good all the same.}

EDITED :: looking at these photos, I realise how tired I look, how tired I am. And just a reminder to you all, that this au naturale look is an everyday look for me; I'm not a make-up person, perhaps a slick of non-animal tested mascara and some lipgloss. But barely I get my hair dried before I get out of the house.
Wooden bead necklace is an Ari original, made at kindy. I'm really loving wearing it. Thankfully it's not a macaroni necklace!
And those bare cupboards in the background were a lucky find at Lifeline this morning, and a bargain at only $15each.
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