weekly list

I think that if I put it all down here, then I may hold myself more accountable to getting it done. Do you think?
Anyway, here's my weekly planning list. {A short while ago I moved myself out of my office in the small side room, and moved the kids play room in. I still haven't totally finished setting up my new office space in our front room - which means I have nothing hanging on walls to put my planning lists on - so I'm putting it here}.

Sunday ~ This morning I finished tidying the kids play room (yet again! Mishi has hit the "cutting paper into a million pieces and leaving all over the house" stage, which is quite annoying to constantly pick up). This afternoon I need to continue tidying their bedroom - which is a crazy mess at the moment. I'd like Sam to come home (from his weekend away) to a tidy, clutter-free, clean, happy house. Space to live and think and work.
Tonight I'm going to cut some pieces out for some new sewing I've got to get working on.
Monday ~ We have go down the street (to the local suburb), to post some parcels. And also look at a little empty shop for something special I'm planning with a friend (more on this later). We also have to head out to the dreaded Spotlight, to buy a long dolls needle to finish making my Disco-Bots (more on these later, when they're all finished). These Bots have been in the works for a tad too long, and I need them finished before the next kindy day (Friday), as these are meant to be kindy friends.
We're also going to try and squeeze in some watercolour painting time - but that will depend on how slow the service line is at the fabric shop.
Then we'll pick Sam up when he gets back into town, after his long drive home.
Tuesday ~ I'm hoping to spend the day sewing. Making something for Craft Hope's Haiti shop. (I'll let you know once I've sent the details off to Jade). And also some new projects for wholesale accounts and my online store. Or - perhaps we'll spend the day just hanging out and playing and chatting, as a family (Sam has a week off work, which will be lovely).

Wednesday ~ We're heading to the State Library for a day of fun with the kids. My older sister and her two creatures will be visiting for a few days. Between my younger sister and her creature, my older sister and me there will be five kids and three adults. Lots of fun!
Thursday ~ We're all (eight of us) going to see the English National Ballet perform Angelina Ballerina. We plan on dressing up, and having a beautiful day out at the ballet. Picnics and performers. {Some new picnic placemats might need to be sewn in advance for this event}.
Friday ~ The kids will be at kindy. I'll spend the day sewing and working on new designs.
Saturday + Sunday ~ As yet unplanned, but will probably include getting Ari ready for school (buying backpacks, making library bag if the fabric has arrived yet). Also, some housework may need to unfortunately be involved somewhere along the line... Perhaps even a visit down to my grandmas house (the kids' great-grandma), who we haven't seen for a teeny bit too long.

Does that sound like a week jam packed with too many things? Well, that's life at the moment. So much happening in my head, so much needing to happen every day.
Please don't think too badly of me if it doesn't all happen as planned. Life gets in the way much too often around here, and I can't always control what happens.

These photos are of the clean play room. I am hoping against all hope that it's clean tomorrow!