hail in the dark

we've had a lovely day of sprinkles of rain.
threatens of thunderstorms.
double rainbows outside our windows.
replanting some of our pot plants (well, Sam + the kids did that, while I was inside researching and writing and planning a very exciting project that I'll reveal soon soon soon, lots more writing and researching to go).
enjoying a brief visit with friends.
and a very special farewell-just-about-to-hit-the-road visit from my dad + brother (who arrived home, yesterday, from 3 months walking the mountains in India), and my sister + nephew who were driving them back to their homes in the bush.
and the kids jumping the fence to play sandpits and kick the ball around with our new next door neighbour kids.
and having afternoon tea parties on our back deck
and lunch
and coffee
and chasing the hail that fell tonight.
directly as soon as the kids were out of the shower
so we had to let them watch the small blocks of ice fall
while still in their towels.
and Ari + me watching the last remains of the lightning from across the other side of the city, across the ocean.
and reading new stories, that Sam brought home the other day
about dinosaurs and bees.
and settling two little creatures into bed.
and a quiet house, with the quietish city noises.
and more writing and figures waiting for me at the dining room table.

I hope you had a lovely day.

I also want to say a very big thank you to all of you who have given me such beautiful and warm comments and words over the past weeks. Moving house has been more intense than I imagined, and it's been wonderful to have you all so caring and thoughtful about us. I do so appreciate each and every comment and thought from you all.

Also, I'm planning a giveaway tomorrow (or Friday), so please come back to visit then.