One of the big things I'm loving about this new house is all the little spaces for us to fill with all our things. In the last house everything was jam-packed onto a few (mainly one) shelves. And turned into clutter, rather than beautiful things to look at.
Now we have this sideboard, which the previous owners left here, that is topped with a cluster of our collected bottles. Both Sam and I like old bottles quite a lot. Discovered all over the place, some dug out of the dirt at houses we've lived in, some spied at the back of a shelf in an op-shop, some given (generally by my parents, who understand our old glass bottle love). With the little mirror at the back, it's all green-whitey reflections. Right now there are some orange nasturtiums that my nephew brought me for our house warming party. I can see it from where I sit right now. More corners coming soon.