do you want...

These are headed out the door. And, before I put them in the Lifeline bin, I thought that maybe someone, anyone may want some or all of these.Donna Hay magazines. Beautiful styling, photography and recipes. I just don't have the space anymore for them. (the ice creams in that one above on the right, are in a little pouch that is stitched up - very cute).To be honest, I don't actually use them for recipes very often. I don't have index issues, and find flipping through them fun and inspiring, but I rarely find exactly what I'm looking for. But, if you're more organised than me, and have a better system they would be excellent.
So, if you want them let me know. If you just pay postage (I'll send you a Paypal invoice), then I can ship them off anywhere you are.
I have the following issues, some of which have sold out. You can see the covers of them all here.
Issue 2 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10 :: 11 :: 18 :: 19 :: 23 :: 42.
I'm sure that there are more around, I may come across them in my packing ventures.
Even if you only want some, to fill gaps in your collection, that's fine. I'm sad to see them go, as they really are so beautifully styled.They weigh 8.5kg all together (excluding any postage packaging) or about 700gms each. (Could be about $20 within Australia for all of them or $10 for one). Or, if you live in Brisbane we can organise a meeting point.

Or, this is a totally silly idea - and I'll take them to Lifeline tomorrow??
Be sure to visit her website anyway, just for some lovely fresh, bright inspiration.
And thank you to Steph of Bondville for telling us about Donna's newly opened store, just another reason to visit Sydney.

It's cold and Wintry, and very windy here. The kids have hot water bottles for bed tonight, for the first time this Winter. I really must make some covers for them, something pretty like this or this or this (hmmmm, must learn to read crochet patterns).

Good night. I'm curling up on the couch now.
*PS - apologies for the poor photo quality.