threads around the web

I just wanted to show you these lovely creations using some of our Red Seed Studio fabrics.Gina from clutterpunk emailed me a little while ago, showing me her sweet little aprons that she made using our little bird fabric in green. What a great idea for showing special fabrics, and having an easy to wear piece. Make sure you check out her blog for many wonderful other creations.Katy is working on the "world's coolest skirt" using some of our lipstick palm fabric in red. Going off her last skirt, I can't wait to see the finished results. This is the stash I sent her, lovely bright photo - glad to cheer someone up.

It's really lovely to see our fabrics out there - stretching around this spider's web we all crawl through. I'd love to see your creations. Or even your photos of our products in your home - your styling. I've started a little flickr group, if you'd like to join.

*Photos from clutterpunk site. Thank you Gina.