just like that

A couple of nights ago, I sat down on the couch. All curled up. Trying to keep warm. I got out the fantastic little book that Sylve gave me for my birthday. Super Stitches Crochet. With heaps of excellent little tips and step by step instructions, it's a book about learning the crochet stitches and designs, rather than patterns to make actual projects. Which means that I can learn how to read a pattern, and what all the abbreviations actually mean, and pretty little stitches, that I can make my own patterns (or try and follow some) - but really, I'm not so good at actually following directions, patterns, recipes.Anyway. Granny squares. Being so well written, combined with the fact that I took the time to follow each process (generally I *think* I know what it's going to say, and barge ahead), I made perfect granny squares. Not like these ones. And I'm hooked, again. Just like that.
These are bigger than regular granny squares. I was going to make one really really big one, and that be the blanket. But it started getting a bit floppy, and I thought it best to make smaller ones and use their seams as a sort of strengthening. Don't know if that will work or not, but now I'm making lots of squares in all different colours and variations.
Yarns are: Chilli pepper organic Australian wool, Woolganic. And some beautiful hand dyed upcycled wools that I bought at the The Little Market at Avid a few weeks ago, from Rowena.
I don't anticipate this will be finished for this Winter, so we'll aim for next one.
Also, Just Like That is one of my most favourite ever books. Check it out if you like a bit of dark humour, real life writing, and beautiful intimate details. All with a background of a neurotic Jew - sounds fun hey. Believe me - Lily Brett is a fantastic author, try her short stories if you don't want to delve into a whole book.