My house is in a fuzzy sort of mess.

My life seems out of balance, and well fuzzy too.

My finances aren't at all in the happy or healthy zones.
My mind most definitely is fuzzy, and out of balance and while there are some happy moments in my head there have been some quite unhappy and not so healthy aspects. So many things going on.
Yet despite all this my little ones still have the power to stop me, and make me laugh, or read them a story, or push them on the swing - or fly on the swing with them. They give the happiness and remind me to soak up the Winter sun, to look at the flowers - "the fairies danced so that the flowers could open".
So, with head too fuzzily muddled to write what I might want - I've decided to try and just keep my posts simple, with some photos and maybe a few words. And try and post more often than once or twice a week (I've tried that a few times before, haven't I).
And one friendship in particular, that continues to strengthen. That, too, is giving me motivation and ability to enjoy the small moments of peace and listening and being listened to, and of just being. And not having to be anything particular - just myself.
Sam and I are thinking and planning and working madly on our new business venture. I'll tell you about it soon, when I feel we really have something proper to show you. oooohhhh the anticipation is killing you, hey!!
Also - I wanted to say hi to my family and friends who read this little part of me, and don't often comment. Please do comment, just to let me know you're there. :: Hi Lea, Tal + Suri - lovely to hear from you