just because

Last night, before bed, Ari spied a stray packet of sparklers. He asked if we could light some. Instead of my initial thought of 'No, it's bedtime, and not time for activities and going out into the cold, dark night', I said Yes. Sometimes I think I forget to just say yes. When I look around at parents and adults, I see them stopping fun for kids. Don't slurp your drink, don't ride your bike now, no it's too sunny to go to the park, or too cold or too early or too late. Stand up straight, don't lie down while you eat.....
So, anyway, we all went outside and lit those wonderful sparklers. And the happiness smile on his face was matched with our faces. One of our friends, who is staying with us, hadn't seen sparklers before. (Japanese fireworks, but not Australian sparklers).
And, just because, we all had a pillow fight before bed. Tucking in the sheets, and putting covers on the pillows became a game of hide-and-seek, a game of caves, a game of tickles.
And just because, I had five minutes on my own and took a few photos in the back yard. The afternoon light streaming through the mulberry tree onto the garden colours. And a few images of my newest bags (the ones not sold at the marketstall).

And just because, I sat down to write this post, while everyone played lego. And the warm day with floating clouds happened outside. And we took a few moments to sit and be, to talk and laugh. Watching Ash play soccer this morning, plans to go to the park with a friend this afternoon.
Just because.... I think I'm happy right now. Just because.