good things

It's 10:14pm. I'm tired; but I've been telling you that for the past months at least. But right now, things are good.

The house is tidy (ish), vacuumed, washing up done, massive kids clothes pile put away, food in the cupboard!

I just had a wonderful conversation to a dear friend. She lives in the UK, and we are best friends - of sorts. As in, I have known her for so much of my life and been through so much together, and now that we are on the other side of the world to each other - we are living lives more similar than ever before. It's good to talk to someone who knows you well, knows who you are now, who you were then, and is totally interested in being with who you will be some day down the track. It is sad to think that we will never live around the corner from each other. That we will never sit on the front steps and chat and watch the sun set together. Or that our children - very close in ages - will never really know each other as friends.

But, it's so wonderful to know that right now we have a friendship that doesn't need constant tending or weeding or watering. It is flourishing and flowering now. Thanks Stef for your dearness, your words, your memories, your hopes and wishes and dreams. Your sharing of family ups and downs.
Now, onto my market wrap up:

Last Friday I had a stall at the Avid Little Market. It was fun - I think I'm sort of addicted to wanting to have more stalls. (Really, I know that I am a sales person and always wanted my own shop - this is a first step). I didn't actually make many sales - but really a few is all it takes to boost my confidence, and the words and looks and soft touches of eager hands about my sewing and fabric choices. I had a lot of support from dear friends, some who came to visit me at the market, and some who bought from me. I had that feeling of not knowing if I should give them the item, or charge them, or.... I decided that they wanted to support me - I hope they did, and didn't feel as if they 'should'...???

A small night-time market. I'm not sure if I'll do exactly that one again. Coming into Winter I'm not sure if it will be 'big enough' for me to make any sort of real money that will warrant all that hard work. But I have a few other options I am looking into.
But most importantly - you know what. I am proud of what I made, of how my stall looked, of how I felt on the night, talking to people and selling my wares. I am proud of myself! Sometimes it's hard to think or especially say that.
I'm often proud of my kids, and tell them. But being proud of doing what makes me happy. Now that's pretty good hey!

Now that the stress of this market is over (and the three days of work, at my job, that followed), I have so much in my mind that is ready to happen. Writing lists in my head. Tomorrow I will step back into my sewing room, tidy it up a bit, and get back into sewing things for:

:: my next market, I'm currently planning

:: the prizes for my 100th Post winners

:: some gifts to send dear neglected friends

:: some so badly long overdue swaps (these are eating at me)

:: and the bunny that Ari asked me to sew him more than a week ago (does anyone have suggestions on how I can make him a bunny. I have minimal softie experience - and the few tries so far have been strange looking!).

Okay, so all of this won't happen tomorrow - I know. But that main thing is that I'll have started it. And somedays (like today, when I had a lovely walk with the kids and play in the sandpit, and watered my carrots and broccoli), even the thought of achieving those is good enough for me.