My name is Ellie.
I like to make things
and ramble about things

I have two little kids {boy 8.5yrs + girl 6yrs}, a cat, and a husband
We live in a beautiful rainforest in Northern NSW, Australia; where we are building our home and studio, the long and hard way!

Petalplum is where I bring together all the things I love and live. 
Family, tea parties, fabric, art, laughter, 
                                              design, crochet, sewing, inspiration, texture, 
                                                                                      ink on fabric, stitching on paper, natural dyeing, listening to cicadas call and a few other fancies.

My mum used to call us Petalplum when we were kids. It's a very special name and memory for me.

You can contact me on ellieabeck {AT} hotmail {DOT} com