A few snippets from our weekend:

There was sunshine and rain clouds
There was laughter and tears
There were tantrums and dancing.

Our dear friends came for lunch, and stayed all afternoon.
The second-hand ride-on-mower we have been waiting for arrived. Now the jungle out there looks like a proper lawn (and Sam is enjoying the mowing job!).

I have been enjoying the sunshine, and the way it is slipping into our home in new ways as the Earth shifts, and the Autumn light changes direction.
I have been inspired by this intense colourway (above), of a page from a current read combined with a flower picked from a neglected garden along our road. {The owner - our bus driver when we were in primary school- of the garden died last year, and no-one has moved into the home. His garden blooms on.}
I made hummous after reading Kate's adventures at mid-night on Friday. (The dried chickpeas were put on to soak at mid-night, the making of was left until the next day).
We made popcorn, and gnocchi. And enjoyed brownies made by friends.

I did no stitching on my poncho, but it is patiently sitting waiting for the few moments I have to work on it. And boy does it make me happy knowing it's sitting there waiting.

What did you get up to this weekend?
I hope you had sunshine, and saw Spring time blooms, or Autumn leaves.
I hope you had some creativity - be that making a salad, stitching some fabric, drawing lines along a page, styling a shelf, taking a photograph, or simply enjoying the art of tea and conversation.

Here's to a wonderful new week my friends,
Ellie xxx