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{above} top left + bottom left: paperrunway.
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It's no secret that I'm a complete Instagram addict. If you've not yet joined in, then please please do anything you can to jump in. If you don't have a suitable phone, you can follow along online (it's a bit harder, and not as immediately connective, but you still get to see all the pretty pictures.... Check it out here.)

I do all this "liking" on my IG feed, but never go and re-look at those liked pictures. I've been wondering what's with all the like like like like and then flip on to the next image. Sometimes of course I stop and look at one image for a short while; but in reality that only means a few moments longer than seconds. Let's be honest here - Instagram is about change and we're given the freedom, in fact encouraged, to be fickle and swipe on through to the next pretty picture. It's easy. Quick quick quick!!!

But some pictures I really really Like. More than like sometimes. And I want to "keep" them, as much as one can actually keep an image. Longer than in my mind. With that keeping I want to keep memory of who made the image, and what they might have been doing/feeling/thinking. 

So - I take a screen snapshot of those images. The ones that really speak to me. I want to share them here with you, and for me to have as memory. I've also started a pin board with my insta-Love if you want to follow along there, or if you'd like to pin your favourite Insta-Love images there, I'd love to see them (send me an email and I can invite you to add images: ellieabeck (AT) hotmail (DOT) com).
 {above} top left: sarah_cocolapine. top right:ksears.
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 {above} left: hindmatar. right: paperrunway.

You can find everyone's websites/blog links from their Instagram profile, if you click over there. 

You can find my Instagram feed (online) over here, or search me @petalplum

Can't wait to see / hear about your favourite IG 'peeps. And maybe, if you're so inclined I'd love to hear your thoughts on IG land and why is has such a grip on you, or why you don't care about it..

Happy Saturday to you friends!
We have the fire burning tonight - the first fire of the season, as it's been raining again today.

xxxx E