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 I am making some changes to this very old blog that I once wrote on about the kids. Have decided we will start using it again, though differently. I won't delete what is already there - but as the 'abouts' will change, I wanted to keep them here as a memory. And also to make me take the time to record those little creatures of mine more and more. 

Was: 2009
A is 5.
He likes to draw and invent things.
He just received his very own camera for his birthday.
He is currently collecting parts to make a rocket ship, with his cousin.
He reads stories about dinosaurs and spaceships.

M is 2 1/2.
She likes fairies and princesses and all things pink.
She likes to draw.
She likes to read stories to her baby dolls.
She designs clothes with her mum's fabric scraps.
She is helping her brother, A, collect parts for his rocket ship.

Now: 2013
A is 8 1/2
He loves reading and can devour books in a day or so.
He is an explorer of all things.
He likes to invent and talk about inventing. Today he said 'if you believe it can work, then it can'.
He is sometimes shy, but is good at talking with adults and asking for help. He likes ordering at the restaurant, when he feels comfortable.
He says to me "mama can I ask you something", and I know he will want a cuddle. He is such a cuddly and affectionate boy.

M is 6.
She still likes fairies and things pink and purple. But she likes other colours now as well.
She loves drawing, and is very skilled at foxes and clothing and people.
She is writing and illustrating a book about some foxes.
She makes clothes for her Barbies and her dolls, using fabric or tissues, or wrapping paper, or even simply just washi tape.
She helps her brother sort the parts when they play Lego.

* The other blog may take a few weeks to get worked on, and start being regularly posted to. I hope that both of the children will be active on it as well. I will let you know. 

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