dye pot :: passionfruit, camellia + beetroot

I pulled all of these out of the dye pots this morning. All solar dyed - it's just what I'm doing at the moment - sticking things and fabric and plant bits in glass jars of water and leaving them in the sun for at least a week, more if I can wait.

They are::
- the shibori folded piece - pink camellia flowers / rusty pieces makes a fantastic grey colour.
- the pinkish crochet scarf (one I crocheted a year or so ago, in white/cream organic wool) + pink lacy flower pieces - pink from beetroot, which was first boiled for a short while (half hour or so) on the stove top. Then left in a jar outside for a few days. I've been pulling it out and letting it drip dry, then putting it back in, hoping to get more colour into it, and also to perhaps create some sort of patterns through it.
- all the purple pieces are from passionfruit (the purple skin ones). We tore the skins apart and put the in, with hot water and some alum.
- the piece you see with some flower bits all over it is a woolen blanket (which had self stripe pink already). The flowers are from the camellia tree - if there's no rust then they turn a more purple-brown-yellow colour. It was all rolled up inside the blanket piece, which was then in the passionfruit dye pot.

They're all drip drying on the line right now. I'll have to wait and see what fades, what doesn't. I'm really pleased with the shibori tied piece - there'll be more of that, as I have an excellent book from the library which actually diagrams how to do the ties and stitches.

Anyway, this is my visual dyeing notebook of sorts. I think because of the way I do things (random, unplanned, without reading instructions or recipes...) then if I want to get regular results from the dye pot, I'll have to take note of what works / what doesn't. I do hope you enjoy following along with my dyeing recording.