dye pot :: camellia japonic #1

This piece came out of the dye two weeks ago. It's an old woolen blanket I picked up from the op shop.

Solar dyed (left in a glass jar, with water and dye materials for about a week or so).
I used the flowers from the wonderful camellia tree (top image) growing in our yard - it doesn't seem to be stopping it's flowering anytime soon; so hopefully there'll be lots of of it appearing in the dye colours.
I've discovered that if I put some rusty pieces (nails and screws and such) in the pot as well, then the flowers dye this amazing grey sort of colour. There are some patches of rustish browns. The colours change throughout the length of the piece, as it was rolled up to be able to fit into the small bottle I have. Inside the roll were the yellow pollen pieces - the petals torn off create these lovely shapes (as seen above).

I'm not sure what I'll do with this piece, but I do really love it.
*if you follow on Instagram then you'll have seen this before, but I wanted to document the process for myself. My sister bought me some journals to use as a proper paper (not computer) recording process, but I'm not actually sure I can bring myself to cut up these pieces of cloth to make samples and such, plus one little sample piece doesn't clearly show the full depth of colour.
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