better than school {sunshine, smiles, singing, sand, shells, sea}

They all start with 's', but our tiny couple of hours at the beach was better than school.
We stayed Monday night at my grandmas and were meant to head back to school and home again on Tuesday morning; but Ari had other ideas.
Me being the pushover mama meant that we ended up at the beach instead of school. In fact, I'm not totally a pushover - I just know the benefits of the beach instead of school -for all involved.

The sky was glorious. The sun was shimmering across the water in the moat wonderful way - all silvery sparkling.

Mishi sang songs the whole time. She saw so many of her mermaid friends - "my friend Mermaid Wave and Mermaid Rainbow and Mermaid Sparkle.....". A whole lot of them, though I was sad that Ari and I didn't see any.

We found a little sheltered bay part, where the waves where smaller and there were mermaid castle rocks. Those two little ones of mine could have played all day. (I had to get back to town and do boring things like vege shopping and be home in time to start the fire and cook dinner....).

We collected shells and rocks. We smiled and sang and soaked up all that sunshine, oceany goodness. Oh what a glorious thing to be able to do with my two precious ones.

It was the last day of Autumn - doesn't the sky look so Summery. How lucky we are to have our Winters mostly mild enough for some brief ocean dipping.

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