about being here

The longer I stay away from this blog, the harder it seems to come back again. I'm staying away mostly because I can't easily be here - no electricity to charge my computer (except irregular walks up to my dads house for mains power). Our house is dark at night time, except for candle light and dull solar garden lamps. We all cuddle up to our fireplace, and read then fall asleep at a terribly early hour of the evening.
I am so missing being here; in blogland. With you, my blogland friends. Thank you those who are still visiting - one day {soon??!!} I'll be back again with more regularity. I do promise. 
For now it's just quiet. 

We are doing lots of yard work. While weeding gardens I am dreaming about the raspberries and strawberries I will plant, or the tomatoes we will grow - I plan on having so many that I'll be bottling them for the Winter time. We do have some little sweet peas that are growing strongly; I am watching them each day with anticipation for Spring and when they'll be big and start to sweetly bloom. Sam is mowing and cutting grass, making trails and paths and cleared area around the house and further into the bush, up to the dam, across the paddock. Finding the most marvellous mushrooms and fungi.

I am still drawing endlessly changing house plans. Ever watching where the sun is moving across the sky; wondering the best spot to build the bathroom, or a sun catching-morning coffee spot, or how to get good light into all the rooms. Soon soon, I am ever hopeful that soon we will start building. 

Working and making and drawing and sewing and designing have mostly taken a backseat to just being and enjoying and watching and weeding and collecting water from the creek. Though lots of dreaming and ideas and thinking and mulling and pondering........... Soon soon... {As long as there isn't another b****y preschool committee meeting again anytime soon! Words of warning - once you step up and offer any slight bit of 'yes, I can do that' at a community pre/school you'll be called upon to do it always....}.

Winter is here in two days. The cold has crept in, and we've been having a fire every night how. Sam is getting very good at chopping the wood and making the fire go. The kids and I go off into the forest and collect the kindling - which I am finding strangely meditative {despite the fact that my dad had the hardest time getting me and my sister to do it when we were kids. The hardest time! My kids are acting quite similar to that}.

I must admit the slow and quiet is suiting me well. I find that I am more relaxed and less anxious about things (like the silliness I sometimes bring up in myself when looking at other blogs, websites, lives, etc...). Being away from here is a good way to just be and enjoy and be happy and content with myself and with the small things I have.
{We cut Mishi's hair - too many knots and not letting us brush it or tie it up. 
The new bob cut is perfect on her, still tucks behind her ears and is easy to manage.}

{A beautiful stack of fabric that I've finally started working with. Hand stitching pieces, which I'm enjoying so so so much. Hopefully I'll have something finished to show you soon - it's actually going quite quickly, despite my messy hand stitches}.