kids clothes week challenge

Elsie Marley has her KCWC (Kids Clothes Week Challenge) on again. I'm trying to decide if I can commit to doing it or not. Perhaps it'll be the perfect boost to getting something done. 

I've been playing on Pinterest these past few days, and have started a board filled with inspiration for clothing for the little ones.  There are some very very pretty things over there, do have a look. Lots of girly things, of course. So, I am on the search for some boyish things too.

When I got the Weekender pattern, I also bought the Little Splashes pattern as well. I plan on making it into a dressing gown for each kid, as well as a raincoat - in this wet, cold Wintry weather we've been having these will be worn lots. I've yet to get fabric for both those projects. Do you know how hard it is to find boy fabric that isn't babyish or grey/car/guns/etc? Especially in laminated oilcloth and flannel fabrics. 

Both kids also need some more warm long pants + tops, for our Winter cold. They've both suddenly gained a  lot of extra  length in their legs. Ari particularly has grown out of his pants; while Mishi's dresses are just much shorter (and look very cute over colourful tights). I found some stretch cottons at the op-shop last week, that would be good for making into tights for them both. {Am currently having conversations about how boys actually can wear tights if they want, and it's not just for girls!}. I may also aim for another nighty like this one I made last year, that's still being worn even right now as I'm typing. And these pants look like they'd be worn quite a bit by my boy - they're very similar to some I made a few years ago for one or other of the kids.
Seeing as how the challenge is to encourage about an hour of sewing each day, I know that realistically this is even more than I can make in a week. So, really, it's no use planning or listing more, is it? The kids will be back at school and (3 days per week) preschool by the time the challenge starts; which makes it much easier to know I'll have time on my own with fabric and a sewing machine. I'll cut out the patterns / fabric in the evening on our kitchen table, then up to my dads once the school drop off is done (and the second coffee of the day!) to sit and sew for a while.

Are you joining the challenge as well? I'd love to see what you've got planned, and how you progress throughout the week.